These pages present detailed genealogical data for many ancestors and descendants of Samuel Dishman (Duchemin), emigrant from France to America sometime prior to 1693. He settled in Westmoreland County, Virginia with his half-brother Isaac Duchemin and was naturalized in the Colony of Virginia under the anglicized name Dishman. In addition to direct ancestors, the database includes spouses, siblings, their ancestors, and related families.

Most persons born after 1910 are not included. Please see my DishmanWeb Inclusion Criteria page for a full explanation of how I determine whom to include.

These data were compiled by Keith Dishman of Alpharetta, GA, and builds upon the research of James Dallas Dishman of Lynchburg, VA. It is not complete and is an on going project. The author welcomes correspondence, corrections, and comments.

If you use this data in your published research or website, please provide a proper citation to this website. Thank you.

The database is maintained with The Master Genealogist and formatted for the web with a great companion program called Second Site written by John Cardinal.

Signature of Samuel Duchemin from 1661