Anne Dishman1,2,3

ID #185, (circa 1704 - )


Father: Samuel Duchemin4 b. c 1640, d. bt Nov 1726 - May 1727
Mother: Cornelia (?)5 d. c Feb 1729/30

Key Events

Birthcirca 1704She was born circa 1704 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.6,7
Marriage25 Nov 1729She married Thomas Grigsby on 25 Nov 1729 in Stafford County, Virginia.3,8,1

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Other Events

Will15 Nov 1726She was named an heir in the will of Samuel Duchemin dated 15 Nov 1726 in Westmoreland County, Virginia.6
Num ChildShe was the mother of no known children.9


Other information

Daughter of Samuel Duchemin
3rd great-grandaunt of James Samuel Dishman
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