John Asbury Dishman1

ID #296, (8 November 1876 - between 1917 and 1920)
John A. Dishman (circa 1900)
John A. Dishman (circa 1905)


Father: James William Dishman1 b. 12 Sep 1852, d. 6 Nov 1912
Mother: Anna Edwards Suttle1 b. 7 Mar 1853, d. 30 May 1929

Key Events

Birth8 Nov 1876He was born on 8 Nov 1876 in King George County, Virginia.1
Marriage18 Dec 1901He married first Lena E. Redding, daughter of Charles Clifford Redding and Bettie Howland, on 18 Dec 1901 in King George County, Virginia.1,2,3
Marriage20 Nov 1907He married second Melvin Virginia Mann, daughter of Henry C. Mann and Catherine M. Thompson, on 20 Nov 1907 in Washington, District of Columbia.4,5,6
Deathbetween 1917 and 1920He probably died between 1917 and 1920.7,8
Divorce28 Jun 1926He and Melvin Virginia Mann were divorced on 28 Jun 1926 in Richmond, Virginia.9

Child with Lena E. Redding:

Gladys Bradley Dishman+25 (30 Sep 1902 - Mar 1977)

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Other Events

Census18801 Jun 1880He was listed as James William Dishman's son on the 1880 census in King George County, Virginia.10,11
Census19001 Jun 1900He was listed as James William Dishman's son on the 1900 census in King George County, Virginia.12
Misc9 Dec 1902He and Lena E. Redding paid real estate taxes on 9 Dec 1902 in King George County, Virginia.13
Employment1904He was employed by R.E. Burks & Company as a collector in 1904 in Richmond, Virginia.14
Employment1906He was employed by Liebert and Sutherland, a furniture business, as a collector in 1906 in Richmond, Virginia.15
Employment1908He was employed by Sutherland and Cherry Inc., a furniture business, as a director in 1908 in Richmond, Virginia.16
Census191015 Apr 1910He was listed as the head of household on the 1910 census in Richmond, Virginia.17
Occupation19 Apr 1910He was described as a "Collector" in the "Retail Furniture" business at the time of the 1910 census. The 1910 Richmond City Directory lists him as a director of Sutherland & Cherry Inc., a furniture store.18,19
Residence19 Apr 1910He and Melvin Virginia Mann lived on 19 Apr 1910 in 118 West Cary Street, Richmond, Virginia.18,19
Employment1912He was employed by Rountree-Sutherland-Cherry Corp., a furniture business, as a shippng clerk in 1912 in Richmond, Virginia.20
Employment1913He was employed by Rountree-Sutherland-Cherry Corp., a furniture business, as a collector in 1913 in Richmond, Virginia.21
Employment1915He was employed by Rountree-Cherry Corp., a furniture business, as a collector in 1915 in Richmond, Virginia.22
Employment3 Dec 1916He was employed by Central Furniture Company on 3 Dec 1916 in Richmond, Virginia.23
Residencefrom 1904 to 1917He lived from 1904 to 1917 in Richmond, Virginia. He lived at a different address each year, apparently as a renter or boarder. His last known address (in 1917) was at Atlee, in Hanover County, just outside of Richmond.24
Workedfrom 1904 to 1917He was employed by various furniture companies as a collector or director in Richmond, Virginia, from 1904 to 1917.24


Other information

4th great-grandson of Samuel Duchemin
Brother of James Samuel Dishman
Last Edited: 7 Jan 2017


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