James Cleveland Grigsby1,2

ID #396, (10 October 1884 - 10 July 1970)
James Cleveland Grigsby (circa 1920)


Father: James Dallas Grigsby2 b. 9 May 1846, d. 2 Feb 1893
Mother: Caroline Virginia McGinniss2 b. 23 Sep 1860, d. 21 May 1891

Key Events

Birth10 Oct 1884He was born on 10 Oct 1884 in King George County, Virginia.1,3,4,2
Marriage2 Sep 1914He married first Ida Mae Slover, daughter of Capt. James E. Slover and Emma Mayle, on 2 Sep 1914 in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Maryland.5
Marriageafter 1955He married second Culena Reberta Thorne after 1955.
Death10 Jul 1970He died on 10 Jul 1970 in Mary Washington Hospital, Fredericksburg, Virginia, at age 85.2,6,7,4
Burial14 Jul 1970He was buried on 14 Jul 1970 in Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery, King George County, Virginia.8

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Other Events

Guardian2 Aug 1894He was named a ward of George Washington Grigsby on 2 Aug 1894 in King George County, Virginia.9,10
Census19001 Jun 1900He was listed as Samuel Andrew McGinniss's nephew on the 1900 census in King George County, Virginia.11
Census191015 Apr 1910He was listed as the head of household on the 1910 census in King George County, Virginia.12
WWI Draft Card12 Sep 1918During World War I, James Cleveland Grigsby registered for the draft on 12 Sep 1918 in King George County, Virginia.13
DescriptionHe was described as medium height and build, with gray eyes and dark hair.13
Occupation1918He was a farmer in 1918 in Index, King George County, Virginia.13
Census19201 Jan 1920He was listed as the head of household on the 1920 census in King George County, Virginia.14
Occupationfrom 1923 to 1966He was county treasurer from 1923 to 1966 in King George County, Virginia.15
Census19301 Apr 1930He was listed as the head of household on the 1930 census in King George County, Virginia.16
Residence27 Apr 1942He resided in Index, King George County, Virginia, on 27 Apr 1942.1
Description27 Apr 1942He was described as 5 ft 10 in tall, 180 lbs, with gray eyes, gray hair, and a ruddy complexion on 27 Apr 1942.1
WWII Draft Card27 Apr 1942During World War II, James Cleveland Grigsby registered for the draft on 27 Apr 1942 in King George County, Virginia.1
Event-Misc6 Nov 1951He was elected County Treasurer on 6 Nov 1951 in King George County, Virginia. He received 867 votes and was unopposed.17
Will19 Feb 1955He was named an heir in the will of Ida Mae Slover dated 19 Feb 1955 in King George County, Virginia.18
Will1 Mar 1963He made a will on 1 Mar 1963 in King George County, Virginia.19


Other information

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