Judith Duchemin1

ID #96, (7 July 1669 - )


Father: Samuel Duchemin1 b. c 1640, d. bt Nov 1726 - May 1727
Mother: Marie du Mont1

Key Events

Birth7 Jul 1669She was born on 7 Jul 1669 in France.2,1
Baptism14 Jul 1669She was baptized on 14 Jul 1669 in Fresnes, France.1

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Other information

Daughter of Samuel Duchemin
3rd great-grandaunt of James Samuel Dishman
Last Edited: 12 Aug 2014


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  2. [S394] Jacky Delafontenelle, Les Protestants de Fresnes, p. 141, Judith Duchemin, born 07.07.1669, christened the Temple of Fresno on the 14th, appointed by Charles Duchemin and Judith Maubant.


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