Daniel Duchemin1,2

ID #97, (circa 1668 - )


Father: Samuel Duchemin3,1,2 b. c 1640, d. bt Nov 1726 - May 1727
Mother: Marie du Mont4,1,2

Key Events

Birthcirca 1668He was born circa 1668 in France.3,2

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Other Events

Occupation1694He was a soldier in 1694.1,2


Other information

Son of Samuel Duchemin
3rd great-granduncle of James Samuel Dishman
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  1. [S533] Fresnes Tabellionage Minutes1646-1754, Transcript Emmanuel Hamel genealogy website, 27 Jun 1694 entry, "Procuration pour l'accord ci-dessus, par Daniel Duchemin, fils feu Samuel, bourgeois de Tinchebray, à présent soldat ; à Marie Duchemin, sa sœur.", which translates to "27 June 1694. Proxy for the above agreement, by Daniel Duchemin, son of the late Samuel, bourgeois Tinchebray, and now a soldier; and Marie Duchemin, his sister."
  2. [S222] Jacky Delafontenelle, "E-Mail, Delafontenelle," e-mail to Keith Dishman, Isaac & Samuel Duchemin.
  3. [S394] Jacky Delafontenelle, Les Protestants de Fresnes, p. 141, Daniel Duchemin, son of Samuel, was recorded as being about age 30 in 1699 and residing with his cousin Michel Duchemin.
  4. [S533] Fresnes Tabellionage Minutes1646-1754, Transcript Emmanuel Hamel genealogy website, 28 July 1694 entry, "Accord pour dot, entre Gabriel d'Echalou, escuier, sieur des Essards, de la paroisse du Ménil-Hermei, viconté de Falaise, d'une part ; Marie Duchemin, fille de Samuel Duchemin et de Marie Dumont, de la paroisse de Notre-Dame de Tinchebray, d'autre part ; et Benjamin Dumont, fils et héritier de Philippe Dumont, de la paroisse de Fresnes, encore d'autre part." which translates to "Agreement for dowry between Gabriel d'Echalou, squire, lord of Essards, Ménil-Hermei parish, Viscount of Falaise, first; Marie Duchemin, daughter of Samuel Duchemin and Marie Dumont, of the parish of Notre-Dame of Tinchebray, second; and Benjamin Dumont, son and heir of Philippe Dumont, of the parish of Fresnes, yet on the other." Daniel is assumed to have the same parents as his syster Marie.


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